Saturday, December 30, 2006

Alright - that's a wrap...

One day I get the thought that I must be eminently 'searchable' on the net. To make that possible, I create my blog. Then I do nothing for 9 months & still hope that my blog counter shows an awesome number. This is not cockiness, this is downright stupidity.... Anyways I was reading Peggy Noonan the other day. She was Ronald Reagan's speechwriter & her writings are just awesome. On Gerald Ford, the former US President who passed away this week, she said 'He just did his best and kept walking. What a grown-up thing to do. Former, current and future presidents would do well to ponder this approach. History would treat them more kindly. The legacy of a man who spends his time worrying about his legacy is always: He worried about his legacy'. I am gonna do the same. I will not worry about the visits that I will likely generate or the kind of reviews my blogs get. I'll just write whatever & whenever - and as about legacy, well I know I'll make it (See - I cannot be 'un-cocky' for long).

2006 has been a revelation. I thought that you put your profile online only to impress a co-ed. Apparently there is more to it than just dating. Time and again, I am asked whether I have my profile on Orkut. One day I could take it no longer & created one. That was the easy part. The difficult part came when I saw the question 'Write about yourself'. Aaaaarghhhhh!!!! What can a human being can possibly write about himself/herself in 500 words that must also be humorous, eye catching, unique & stylish? I mean, it is difficult enough when strangers ask 'Tell me about yourself' in a casual social setting. Do I have to have the ignominy of also writing something about it? I eventually decided NOT to do a write-up on myself for 500 words on Orkut that must also be humorous, eye catching, unique & stylish. (Side Note: Lest you think I am a chicken, I want you to know that 8 years ago, I posted a great write-up on me online. I expected lasses the world over to coo at me. Not one wrote back. Maybe it was coz. it was titled 'Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn').

In the beginning of 2006, I had no idea that MySpace, Orkut & Flickr even existed. Now everyone talks about them. I accidentally bumped into Metacafe one day. Subsequently I learnt that YouTube was better. Before I could comprehend all this, Google swallowed YouTube. I got hooked on to Wikipedia. And apparently there is even a world's funniest joke. Well - it sure takes an effort to keep up with the changing times & I hope I learn a lot more in 2007.

I hope I also write a lot more in 2007. I once read that a picture is worth a 1000 words. Maybe 2007 will be the year of pictures. We'll see.....

Until then - to all of you out there that are kind enough to read my blog - Have a Wonderful 2007.

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Hari said...

Dude.... As you know I am big fan of your written talents. I dont care if they are in form of emails, short stories, essays or "ramblings".... So keep them coming and blogs are just perfect for someone like you. Who knows some day you might be digg'ed ( to popularity! Is there a way I can get email alerts whenever u have new postings? If so "sign up my ass"! I can be reached via email: htammana at yahoo dot com.