Monday, January 28, 2013

Boman Irani meets Narayana Murthy

Boman Irani asks N.R. Narayana Murthy on the Achievers' Club program on Star World why he does not want to run for public office. The answer is vintage NRN. Logical, data-driven and to the point.

NRN says he does not understand why politicians must not have a retirement age when bureaucrats and private sector employees do. He mentions that Mathematics problems that used to take him an hour to solve in his younger days now take him three. He further adds that he does not have as much energy as he once did. And here's the kicker. He thinks he may meet the minimum threshold to do certain things in life, but doing things in life must all be about being the best and not about meeting bare minimums.

Mr. Murthy's logic does make you smile. How nice it would be if our MLAs and MPs take up a math test before filing their nomination. Or take up a 100m sprint to measure their energy level. Or heck, maybe just read a joke so that they honestly ask themselves how long it took for that to sink in.

Setting a retirement age for the political class is a pipe dream. No politician will pass a law that restricts him. The closest to a 'restriction' that has been conceived thus far is the term limit, but that works only in the presidential form of democracy.

But once in a while, it does feel nice to indulge in such entertaining fantasies like R.K. Laxman's Common Man and laugh off the humor. Plus ponder over a wonderful recipe to ensure fewer bare minimums....

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Damyanti said...

Pithy, but very apt post. Yep, setting age limits for politicians is a pipe dream.