Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hi There

The name is Arun & it's a pleasure to walk into the blogosphere. It was just the other day I googled my name in the valiant hope that some tidbit about me would pop out & make my day. The only thing I came out with was that there are so so so so so so many Arun Kumars in Cyberspace & I am still not one of them. Much humbled & thoroughly wizened, I figured that the only way I can 'pop' up in anybody's random search was to drop my calling card - my own blog.

Do I know what I want my blog to be? No. (Arun's Mantra No. 87: When you want to make a confession, get it out and get it fast). But like all things in life, you and I will figure this out (Arun's Mantra No. 56: When in doubt, share responsibility with someone else. You'll be blamed less).

I like to think that I have a very clear idea of who I am. And that is that I am the best. (Arun's Mantra No. 36: Vanity is a great thing). Sure, life has its own way of putting me in my place & actually showing how 'best' I truly am. But right now, I am not going into a confessional - so let's just proceed by accepting that I am the best.

I am 32 years old & live in Bangalore, India with my pretty wife Priya. The only common purpose that binds our holy matrimony is our un-abiding quest to pester & trouble each other (Arun's Mantra No. 12: When 2 people share the same purpose, they go a long way). So far, we have done a pretty good job at it. Case in Point: My rapidly receding hairline & her often gnashing teeth. Considering the fact that we got married 3 years ago, you can imagine how troublesome we could have been to each other....

I like to write (ramble is a better word), but I am not a great writer. I interlace my words with occasional wisps of humor & (if possible) try to put some sense & thought into my penmanship. The result is a mock tail. If you still to read such stuff, you might find this blog mildly bearable.

My hobbies? Reading, traveling & tracking politics. I read on the net. I read magazines. I read comics. I read assorted stuff (Arun's Mantra No. 59: Don't read technical books). I love Peanuts, Asterix & Dennis, The Menace (yup - in the same order). Charlie Brown is my hero. When he says 'Good Grief', it encapsulates everything. Snoopy is another character that I adore (‘Joe Cool’ in my URL is a reference to Snoopy). Asterix comics are a class of their own & I won't even try to explain them. There are hundreds of dedicated websites that do a great job of showcasing them & echoing my thoughts.

I dig politics. I have been through long cycles of thought on who am I politically. Am I a socialist? Or a card carrying free market capitalist? Or do I want a mix of both? Will I vote left or will I vote right? I am pretty sure that I have figured this out - but we'll talk about that some other day along with my travel travails. (I have to make you come back to my site, don't I?).

What? Am I supposed to tell you what I do for a living? Oh OK. Simply put, I have fun. I work in a supply chain company called Manhattan Associates (lest you think I am another techie geek, let me assure you that I am anything but). I have been with them for a year & I would like to think that we get along quite well. They let me dabble with alphabets & numbers (apparently they are called software programs), blue & black screens, status graphs & line reports (or is it line graphs & status reports?) along with a bunch of very mild mannered people at whom I often throw a bright red ball. I told you - I have fun.

From 2000 until early 2005, I lived in the US for 5 years working on some Baan ERP stuff. I won't bore you with the arcane details. Priya & I figured that 5 years was a decent duration of stay away from home & headed back last year. The US was an amazing experience & taught me some great lessons:
- Take your work seriously, but not yourself.
- Laugh (even at you)
- Don’t hesitate to say 'No'. Nobody is going to eat you.
- Don't ask. Just do it.
- Once you say you'll do it, do it. And on time.
- If you have some bad news, get it out & get it fast (OK, my Mantra No. 87 was not an original)
- Don't micro-manage. Every individual is brilliant. Just unlock his/her potential & they'll do it even better than what you hoped for.
- Fight for what you believe in - even if you are going to be alone.
- Understand. Listen. Be patient. Collect facts. And then - ACT.

We'll talk more about these & a lot more as time goes by. Until then, take care.

Arun 'Joe Cool' Kumar

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