Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wishing you all a Peanuts Holiday Season

'Tis the holiday season. A time to cheer, relax and recharge. By reading comic strips.

Most of you know about my love for Peanuts. Friends have notched points for gifting me Peanuts collectibles (books, stuffed toys, tags, decorative sets, a salt-and-pepper shaker and even a trash can). These characters pervade my life. Even the web address of this page is a nod to the college-going-class-bunking Joe Cool (who is an avatar in Snoopy's fantasy land).

It was not always this way. Charlie Brown & Snoopy had merited only an occasional viewing in the Sunday newspaper. It was only after flipping through PEANUTS A Golden Celebration - about 12 years ago - did I understand why Peanuts was the No. 1 comic strip of all time. The book, published in 1999 to commemorate 50 years of Peanuts, was a treasure trove of famous strips accompanied by Charles Schulz's insightful comments.

Do personalities evolve? You bet. To the left is a collage of strips from the book that show the hunched-Beethoven-loving-plastic-piano-playing Schroeder's evolution in style and form over the years. The first strip is from the 50s, the second from the 60s and the last belongs to the 80s. 

It is often said that there is minimal tolerance to contrary points of view today due to extreme talk-radio and opinionated media. Well, one look at this letter from the 60s from someone yet to get a grip on school desegregation tells you strong opinions - regardless of media influence - have always existed. And if you still harbour some doubts, how about the Thanksgiving strip below that triggered such a robust response?
Snoopy's affinity to a turkey....
.... resulted in THIS?
This holiday season, I figured that I would go one-up on the Golden Celebration. Enter Celebrating Peanuts - 60 Years. This 500+ page hardcover edition is bigger, glossier and grander than its predecessor. And every bit as magical.
As I take leave to bury myself in this massive masterpiece, I want to take a moment to acknowledge your unlimited support and encouragement during 2012. Every time I thought that I had nothing more to add, someone would ask "when's your next blog?" Creativity blossoms when there is interest. Thank you.
Wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season and a fabulous new year.

Snoopy Common Sense Approach
Edition 1
Snoopy Common Sense Approach
Edition 2


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