Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Difficult Part of a Blog

I am amazed at how much some folks write on their blog every day. I am not talking about professional bloggers; it is the content generated by the 'go to work in the morning & blog when you come home' crowd that fascinates me. I was going through a blog of an acquaintance recently. He has been fairly regular over the past 3 years and I noticed that he had not added much in a month. And a comment on his site mentioned that he probably had a writer's block. I thought about it, and truly empathized with him. I go through that quite often :-)

But what is more difficult, at least according to me, is getting the design of a blog right. The current avatar of Random Thoughts went through multiple iterations. Colors, fonts, icons, links. And my reaction? See below.

So, at least for some more time, I think I will quit worrying about layout and think about writing.

Now for some other stuff.... Been catching up on past issues of Fortune over the past 3 weeks. While I am a regular subscriber, issues go unread for a few months, esp. if I am on to something else. Reading articles on the scale of the current global economic crisis stun me. Who would have thought that a toxic mix of financial shenanigans, reduced savings, excessive leverage and the willingness of some nations to continue to fund this disparity by buying American debt would lead us to this mess? While there are many articles that point fingers on who must be blamed, I would submit that the past 4 years is a bad example of universal global greed in play. The recovery will be long, tough and painful. Hopefully we will all have learned some good lessons.....

Read here about the collapse of Bear. And this was interesting as well. Note for posterity: Been reading some articles about Peter Orzag (Director, OMB). I think the world will see more of him one day. Meanwhile, the Indian market has made some good gains recently. I was personally disappointed. Stocks I wanted to buy got expensive. Grrrr.....

In the next blog, I'll talk about the Indian economy & the elections round the corner. Until then, adios.


Dash..... said...

Write about elections, Maapillai - Gauranteed I will read and debate.

Snigdha said...

Your Blog..A good find for me. It will be great to read your regular posts.
Do keep blogging.